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The Aviation Resources Group gives our worldwide customers direct access to New Zealand & Australia business.


About Us

Aviation Resource Group equals solutions, innovation, direct access to New Zealand & Australia business for our worldwide customers.

The senior team of Aviation Resource Group oversaw the logistics and international movements of over 2500 aircraft airframes developing the number one aviation logistics provider globally.

The successful sale of Redfort Aviation Logistics by the same senior team – has allowed the same team to create Aviation Resource Group.

Passion drives our commitment to the aviation industry –  Our Managing Director is a Commercial Pilot, holding additionally industry tertiary qualifications , with over 35 years’ experience of your industry

Our reputation for excellence is not confined to the aviation industry though – we also represent the general logistics interests of some of the best known brands in the world.

Aviation Resource Group recognise that humans buy from humans.

Trust and confidence is more effectively built in face to face interactions.


New Zealand needs aviation

Geographically distanced from many of its trading partners – without aviation we would be trading as we were 100 years ago – slowly by boat.  

Effectively our boarders are closed for the foreseeable future due to current pandemic – essential for the overall safety of its people – however for an industry that the majority of its supply and expertise comes from offshore – this has created significant challenges for the Aviation Industry.

Despite the massive reduction of international passenger operations – air freight has expanded, fleets while downsized and put in hibernation, the remaining fleets are required to operate at levels never seen before in the history of our industry.

Let’s face it running an aviation business is expensive, and with current travel restrictions getting in front of your clients around the world is no easy task.

ARG is your ‘face in the room’

Clear concise communication goes beyond a zoom meeting or email – Aviation Resource Group acknowledges this and offers direct face to face meetings with your New Zealand clients.

Aviation Resource Group recognise that at the end of the day humans buy from humans – trust and confidence is more effectively built in face to face interactions – the simple act of sharing a coffee or meal has  led to the conclusion  many successful deals.

ARG represent some of the world’s most influential aviation brands here in New Zealand by being their ‘face in the room’ .

ARG assists our offshore partners via a formal association, we learn their products, and enter into direct conversations with New Zealand customers on their behalf ensuring a synergy that maximises results while efficient and cost effective.

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